Mood Jewellery is unique, hand-made jewellery.

The subtlety of the delicate gemstones combined with silver, silver with gold setting and gold makes our pieces shine despite its small size.

Some of the pieces come with a highly durable, yet delicate silk lace.

Every single detail of our pieces is meticulously crafted, as our goal is to provide our clients with products of the highest quality.

Some of Mood Jewellery pieces are made from sterling silver 925.

Our gilded pieces are covered with a thick layer of 24-karat gold, however we kindly remind our clients that silver jewellery pieces with gold setting naturally wipe away. This process is expected and therefore cannot be considered a cause for filing a complaint.


How to take care of Mood Jewels:

Rules of taking car of silver jewellery with gold setting:

 - Make sure that your jewellery do not get in contact with beauty products (lotion, hairspray etc.)

 - Avoid exposing your jewellery to water, sun, salt, chlorine and other chemicals

 - Store your jewellery in a dry place. 

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